Aurora Escape

Aurora Escape

Experience the serene silence of the Arctic with our Aurora Escape package. Alta’s climate and Onga’s remote location makes it the perfect place to experience the northern lights with clear skies and no light pollution. The private aurora glass-dome even allows you to watch the dancing northern lights from the comfort of your own bed.  

The Aurora Escape package includes our woodfired sauna where you can relax and unwind. For the daring you can combine it with a refreshing snow bath like a true Nordic. Additionally, you’ll have access to snowshoes and our special skishoes to explore the tranquil nature at Onga at your own pace. 

At our lodge restaurant you can indulge in culinary delights crafted from locally sourced ingredients by our chef Sami. Our seasonal tasting menus and full board is included in the package.  

Every stay at Onga includes our daily guided aurora walk where our staff advise you on how to capture the magic of the northern lights.  

By choosing this package, you don’t miss the opportunity to test out our Arctic Activities. You can always book activities either during or before your stay. Contact us at, and we will arrange it for you, subject to the weather conditions and availability with our partners. 

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